Engraved Tags

Application of engraved signs & tags
Engraved-plastic tags
Engraved-plastic tags are well-suited for the outdoors and are ideal key, pet, and name tags.
The engraving process relies on a computerized laser that carves out text or images with astonishing precision— within .001 inches of perfect accuracy. Text formats are normally predetermined but customization is certainly available to suit any particular need (albeit more expensive). With online customization wizards now readily available, you can choose your text, color, shape, font, and material without leaving your computer.

Generally, single-line engraving (engraving completed in just one pass) is ideal for small tags, whereas multi-line engraving works best for larger tags. Multi line engraving also yields crisper text and images, however, due to the increased production costs, multi-line engraving is more expensive. "Back engraving" or "reverse engraving" is another option that produces a more polished look (and is easier to clean).

When it comes to application, engraved tags are flexible: ranging anywhere from restroom and key tags to pipe tags. Or, as one Animal Service Center in Tallahassee, Florida discovered, pet ID tags are an invaluable way to track pets. Also, name tags are especially useful in offices, military facilities, and schools for identification and security purposes. Tags can even exhibit braille to assist the blind—great for ADA mandated-public access areas. In addition, heat-resistant metal tags can attach to pipes and valves to allow for easy distinction.

Depending on the application, a number of materials are available to select for tag engraving. Acrylic or phenolic (a plastic-like substance that can withstand high temperatures) are perfect for the outdoors since they are element and UV resistant. For durability and sleekness, opt for metals like platinum, steel, and bronze. For a more natural look, select a wood or stone material for your engraving. Glass and crystal engravings look elegant, and are often used for ornaments and awards.Bear in mind, however, that they are delicate.
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