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Ms. Olsen's engraved tag will only need replacing when she's promoted to President.
If you're in a profession or situation where you're often expected to wear a nametag, choosing an engraved name badge can give you an edge.

Name badges look more official and professional than your standard write-on nametag. Most name badge vendors also have a number of custom patterns available, too – if you're a real estate agent, why not have a name badge shaped like a house? The engraving looks professional and allows your name to be read from a further distance.

A name badge also shows that you're well established in your industry. If you were approached by a police officer with a "Hello! My name is…" sticker on his uniform, you might not feel too comfortable trusting his abilities or authority. Name badges serve to show that someone is in a position of knowledge or authority. Even in contexts like retail, nametags help customers find assistance quickly—and an engraved nametag can make them feel more certain of an employee’s expertise.

In creating name badges, most vendors offer a choice of fonts. Depending on the brand, position, or aesthetic, you may opt for certain fonts. Some are more playful, while others are set serious tones. Studies show that fonts are perceived as having their own distinct personalities. One only need look at Comic Sans and Times New Roman side by side to see the distinction between a more "fun" font and a more "serious" font. When you’re thinking about name badge appearance, consider material and color as other cues that help establish your business’s “personality.” Don’t forget to consider your employees’ convenience as well; choosing tags that are anchored on fabric by magnets rather than pins can help protect their clothing or uniforms.

Engraved name badges are often an effective way to boost a client or customer's confidence in you. Using a name badge helps instill trust, brand, and clear communication.
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