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If you’ve ever had a missing pet, you know the difference an engraved tag can make. And these tags aren’t just for errant pets anymore; there are now dozens of uses for custom-designed engraved tags. Hotels make frequent use of numbered keytag systems to make sure their customers always have the right room (and the keys are all accounted for); phenolic tags are made to withstand heat, making them perfect for labeling hot pipes. You can even design your own restroom tag for your office or school, or a branded keyfob for a car dealership.

Engraved name tags are ideal for conveying permanence and expertise. They also stand up to weather or heat duress on industrial equipment, or act as difficult-to-counterfeit security badges. With today’s precise laser technology and a variety of customizable materials, shapes, and sizes—it’s easy to create accurate, unique, and long-lasting tags.

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